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The afternoon of December 30th, on the eve of Spring Festival, Jiahe engineering leadership is divided into five groups with sympathy, Party's concern with a new year's blessing and greetings, the company party members, the difficulties workers were difficult to visit.

The condolence group sent the care of the company's cadres and workers to the hearts of the difficult party members and the difficult workers, and brought them condolence gold, so that the difficult party members and the difficult workers could feel the warmth of the big family. In the visit process, the company leadership and difficult family members of staff cordial conversation, asked in detail about the body and life, their work, and for their hard work, make positive contribution for the development of enterprises in their respective positions on the fully affirmed, and encourage them to establish confidence, optimistic life.

Loving care, warm wishes, unlimited spring, difficult, difficult party workers have to thank the company for their concern, said to be as in the past to overcome difficulties, work hard, for the development of enterprises to contribute an own strength.

For a long time, the leaders of the company pay close attention to the living conditions of the difficult employees, and insist that they do the real things for the difficult employees and send the warmth to the important position. The condolences to the activities before the start of the work of investigation on the basic situation of difficult employees to report, combined with the employees caused hardship reasons, the degree of difficulty and life situation, determine the object of sympathy and condolences to the standard, to further establish and improve the difficulty of staff files, to ensure that the party organization's care service every difficult family the difficulties, employees feel the warmth of family enterprises.



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